Anodization Equipment

Project name Small Batch Anodization Equipment (SBAE) – Anodye
Project Title New Product Development: Small Batch Anodization System
Abstract Anodization is a surface finishing technique that is usually applied to aluminum to create a corrosion-resistant coating and dye the material. Currently, the process for anodizing is typically an outsourced production that is conducted by companies specializing in anodized parts. This is because the traditional process involves large vats of chemicals that take up entire shop floors. The cost of contracting out the work is usually not an issue for mass-produced parts, but for small batches, this can be very expensive as the number of parts does not justify the extra cost. On the other end of the spectrum, those making parts in their garage have been using similar processes in 5-gallon buckets to achieve desired anodized parts. However, on the industrial side, the process can be expensive, time-consuming, and, on the do-it-yourself side, the process can be inconsistent and unsafe.

The goal of this project is to create a system that provides safe, consistent, fast, and cost-effective results for companies with small batches of parts that need to be anodized. Ideally, the outcome will fill the gap found in the market by the sponsor, Alex LeGendre, with a more desirable option. The team at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth was given the task of creating a prototype system that fills the gap described above. The project began with research to understand the anodizing process and the current market situation. From there, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) documentation was created to ensure that the team was fully informed about the chemicals being used. Through many rounds of brainstorming, designing, and redesigning, the final prototype design was arrived at and manufactured. This final prototype will hopefully lay the groundwork for a final product that will fill the gap in the anodization space.

Faculty advisor Mr. Don Foster
Sponsor Mr. Alex LeGendre
Team lead Joshua James Banez
Team Members John Botelho, Kenny Bowers, Dominic Parrella, Richard Sousa, Alex Tavares

Team Photo

Running anodizing experiments.

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