Glider Cart

Project name S.G.C.U.
Project Title Slocum Glider Cart Upgrade
Abstract Teledyne Marine’s Slocum Glider is an international tool used to identify oceanographic changes, map the seafloor, and identify mammals through acoustic readings. However, the cart that holds the glider has presented some challenges regarding operator usage, safety, and transportation over the years. In the fall of 2022, Teledyne reached out to the engineering school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for an adequate solution to address these issues. The solution needed to ensure that the entire assembly, including the glider and cart with attachment, fit within the U.S. government’s “two-man lift limit,” as well as the military-specified crate that the glider and cart are transported in. Additionally, it was important to increase the maneuverability and ease of use for operators. After numerous challenges and revisions, the team developed a ratchet system attached to the underbelly of the cart to meet these requirements. This new cart upgrade design addresses the specific needs of Teledyne and improves the overall functionality of the system.
Faculty advisor Dr. Jun Li
Sponsor Mr. Jesse Desrosiers
Team lead Mark-Anthony Cardoso
Team Members Justin Moulton, Jake Hills, Jack Garforth, Matthew Devin
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