The Fluidics

Project name The Fluidics
Project Title Optimized Fluidic Connection of Calibration System
Abstract The Maximal Asymmetric Drag Wave Energy Converter (MADWEC) is a small scale, single point wave energy conversion device that is currently being developed at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST). MADWEC is a heaving-type system consisting of a Louver system, a power take off unit (PTO), and a buoy. The system works by creating an asymmetrical drag force over the rise and fall of a wave cycle. This drag force is used to wind and unwind a reel which is connected to a generator via a drive shaft. When the generator is spun, it outputs electrical power that can be stored in a battery system and later utilized to charge offshore AUVs, and buoy stationed electronic payloads.

Fluid Metering Inc has tasked our team with designing and manufacturing a quick connection for the calibration of their OEM Sub-1 Duplex Pump. The goal is to provide a timed connection and disconnection of less than 1 second, which is 5 seconds less than the current calibration design. It is crucial to maintain the pump’s extreme precision and efficiency at dispensing the desired flow rate while achieving this.

Initially, our group conducted thorough background research on the supplied pump and various methods for quick connections that are currently available. We then brainstormed design concepts and evaluated each one based on weighted CTQ drivers to determine the best solution while adhering to safety standards. Our winning design utilizes two toggle clamps to apply a force on the two outlet pump heads on the top of the pump, creating a reaction force for the two inlet pump heads on the bottom of the pump.

To ensure the design’s efficiency, we conducted control and leakage tests. After testing many different methods of preventing leaks, we discovered that using a barbed fitting with a rubber stopper attached to the end of the toggle clamp provided similar results to the control while also speeding up the connection and disconnection time.

In summary, our team designed and manufactured a quick connection that achieves a timed connection and disconnection of less than 1 second while maintaining the OEM Sub-1 Duplex Pump’s extreme precision and efficiency. The use of two toggle clamps and a barbed fitting with a rubber stopper resulted in a successful design that met the desired CTQ drivers and safety standards.

Faculty advisor Dr. Alex Fowler
Sponsor Fluid Metering Inc.
Team lead Daniel O’Coin
Team Members Dustin Martin, Davidson Joseph, Nicholas Carvalho, Jake Kaulbfleisch
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