Baja SAE

Project name Baja SAE
Project Title Design and Manufacturing of a Baja SAE Off-Road Vehicle
Abstract Baja SAE is a collegiate competition that originated from the University of South Carolina in 1976 and has since grown to be a premier engineering design competition for university teams. The Baja SAE design team has been tasked with designing, fabricating, and testing the powertrain, frame, and suspension components for a Baja SAE buggy. Some components of this project were started by the ASME club on campus, as well as a previous senior design team. This year’s senior design team was tasked with redesigning the previous powertrain and designing the frame and suspension components. The team worked closely with the ASME club to try to get a fully functioning buggy by the end of the year. This task has proven to be challenging, but one the team feels is possible with a lot of dedication and hard work as a team. The final design choices made by the team were modeled in SolidWorks to get an idea of spacing and overall design constraints before moving to the manufacturing stage.
Faculty advisor Dr. Afsoon Amirzadeh Goghari
Sponsor American Society of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty Advisor Dr. Hamed Samandari
Team lead Payton Parker
Team Members Andrew Sheedy, Daniel Strode, Robert Sylvester, Ed LaLumiere, Dylan Hathaway
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