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Fluid Metering, Inc

FMI is a NY based, metering pumps and dispensers manufacturer, who pioneered the first valveless rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept in 1959.

FMI pumps have provided users with ultimate performance in fluid control within a broad range of applications for OEM, Medical, Laboratory, Analytical, Industrial Process, and Environmental Services.

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Teledyne Marine

Teledyne Marine is a group of leading-edge subsea technology companies that are part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated. Through acquisitions and collaboration over the past ten years, Teledyne Marine has evolved into an industry powerhouse, bringing Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic, and Vehicle technology together to provide total solutions to our customers. Each Teledyne Marine company is a leader in its respective field, with a shared commitment to providing premium products backed by unparalleled service and support.

Teledyne recently authored a book on Ocean technologies titled “Exploring the Ocean. Understanding our Impact.” Read more at:

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Ling Lab directed by Dr. Hangjian Ling

The lab is broadly interested in fluid dynamic problems at the interface of material, biological, and environmental sciences, developing novel optical measurement techniques to characterize the fluid flows and animal movements. Their research aims to understand the fundamental flow physics and animal behavioral rules, and harness them to solve critical energy and environmental issues in our society.

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Some of our projects are supported by our faculty through internal and external grants received from

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Shen Lab directed by Dr. Caiwei Shen

Dr. Caiwei Shen research focuses on materials and technologies for energy-related applications and various sensors and actuators. He is currently interested in developing flexible and wearable supercapacitors, multifunctional structural energy storage devices, and mechanical and thermal energy harvesters. Dr. Shen is also interested in the synthesis of nanomaterials and the development of biomimetic or bio-related sensors and actuators.

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