Senior Design Fact Sheet

For the AY 2022-2023, our program is running seven projects. Out of these seven projects, two are sponsored directly by our MNE faculty. Additionally, we have one project that is targeting the Marine Energy Collegiate Competition sponsored by DOE. Three of seven projects are tackling needs in the area of Blue Economy.

Team Videos ( 7 videos, click on next to see the next video):

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Faculty Advisor Project Title Sponsor
Mr. Don Foster New Product Development: Small Batch Office Friendly Anodization Equipment Mr. Alex Legendre
Dr. Alex Fowler Optimized Fluidic Connection of Calibration System
Mr. Sean Madden, Fluid Metering, Inc
Dr. Afsoon Amirzadeh Goghari Baja SAE, Design and Manufacturing
ASME Club, Faculty advisor Dr. Hamed Samandari
Dr. Hangjian Ling Design an underwater holographic-imaging system for marine microplastics detection Ling Lab directed by Dr. Hangjian Ling
Dr. Caiwei Shen Injection molding process design for multifunctional electrolytes Shen Lab directed by Dr. Caiwei Shen
Dr. Jun Li Slocum Glider Cart Upgrade

Mr. Jesse Desrosiers, Teledyne Marine, Program Manager
Dr. Dan MacDonald & Dr. Mehdi Raessi Design and Testing for MADWEC Dr. Dan MacDonald & Dr. Mehdi Raessi